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Jims House:

After opening the CPR station in Nanton, Alberta in 1903, WH Bill Allan Built this homestead in 1904. Having planned to buy it back since he was a teen, Jim returned his maternal grandfather’s homestead to the Coutts-Allan family in 1988. He renovated the original building into this beautiful country home and spent his summers here developing the beautiful piece of land so that he could, “Do it right for Pa!” The Nanton sign attached to the side of the homestead house is the sign from the very first CPR station in Nanton. This historic building is perfect for Artist Retreats or for the Bride and Groom to relax after their wedding day.

Chicken house:

Originally built by Allan in the early 1900’s, the Chicken House was refurbished and renovated into a guesthouse by Jim in August of 1996. This building that was once used as a chicken coup is now a beautiful, open concept building that is great for conferences, meetings, receptions or retreats and can accommodate up to 59 guests.

Writers Cabin:

Moved from Jim’s mother’s homestead a few properties away, this old Granary called, “The Writers Cabin” can be used as a room to write or paint in on an Artists Retreat. It also serves as the perfect place for mom and dad to prepare their daughter for the walk down the aisle. It sits next to the Elm Allée, offering an exceptional walk through 24 elm trees to the ceremony where the groom awaits.

South Barn:

The South Barn is the original Tapp Barn that was brought to the property in 2006 and has been renovated over the years to a unique looking building that is great for holding workshops, classes, field trips or receptions. It can accommodate up to 36 guests.

Tapp House:

The Tapp House is named after Samuel Tapp who bought the land from Bill Allan in 1930. It was moved to its location from nearby and renovated in 2009. It serves currently as the gardener’s staffing quarters.

North Barn:

This Barn was completely removed during the summer of 2016 and replicated exactly to the previous structure. This is not just a barn anymore, it is a fully licensed kitchen that can be used to prepare your meal on your special day. From a small conference or retreat to a large event, this great new addition can serve all of your needs.

Public Washrooms:

Once an old gardener’s potting shed, this building was renovated during the winter of 2014-2015 into Public Washrooms that are wheelchair accessible and host baby change tables.

Gardeners Shed:

This old gazebo is designed after the Nanton Band Stand from the early 1900’s. Jim spent many late summer nights in the gazebo playing gin rummy with his mom. It is currently being used, as a potting shed for the gardener’s to prepare seeds and pot plants.

Event Tent:

The sky is the limit with the event tents as they are great for a wedding reception or an open-air lunch while on a conference or workshop. These tents are great insurance for outdoor events when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Whole Venue:

Fulfill every wish and book the whole venue. You and your guests will have access to the entire property including all buildings and gardens. If you are catering your event, rent our newly replicated North Barn with a fully licensed Commercial Kitchen. Whole Venue rental includes the use of tables, white ceremony chairs and both event tents with seating for up to 200 people. Larger groups can also be arranged. Staff will be available to assist with set up, parking and also to help clean up after your event.

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