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The Coutts Centre for Western Canadian Heritage is an extensive garden venue that hosts various types of events. Each year the University of Lethbridge hosts 4 ‘En Plein Air’ art events and the Coutts Centre Arts Festival, which are all free to attend.

There is a great opportunity for artists of all levels to come and use the Centre to achieve their respective artistic visions. Whether it be writing a novel in our lovely old Writer’s Cabin or painting Jim’s various native themed gardens with stunning views towards wheat fields, the Porcupine Hills and the Rocky Mountain Range.

Check out our Calendar to see that events are coming up, or you can book your own event at the Coutts Centre by contacting us at or 403-915-6497.

06/01/2019 - Wedding

wedding    Read More

06/01/2019 - Private Ceremony

Closed for private function    Read More

06/02/2019 - Private Ceremony

closed for private function    Read More

06/07/2019 - Executive Retreat

3 day retreat    Read More

06/07/2019 - Retreat

AAMAS    Read More

06/08/2019 - Executive Retreat

3 day retreat Fri. Sat Sun    Read More

06/08/2019 - retreat

retreat    Read More

06/09/2019 - Executive Retreat

Three Day Retreat    Read More

06/09/2019 - retreat

retreat    Read More

06/10/2019 - retreat

retreat    Read More

06/15/2019 - Wedding

Private wedding    Read More

06/16/2019 - Sunday Brunch

Fathers Day Brunch and En Plein Air    Read More

06/16/2019 - En Plein Air 2019

En Pleain Air    Read More

06/22/2019 - Wedding

Private Wedding    Read More

06/23/2019 - Wedding

wedding    Read More

06/29/2019 - Wedding

Private Wedding    Read More

06/30/2019 - Wedding

wedding    Read More

Rental Price List

  Venue   Rental Cost per day     Rental Cost per 1/2 day     Rental Cost / Per hour  
  Whole Venue   $1750 $1000 $250
  Chicken House   $400 $225 $35
  South Barn Upper Level   $200 $115 $20
  South Barn Lower Level   $175 $100 $15
  Jim’s House   $300 $175 $25
  Jim’s House Overnight *extra charge   $300 - -
  Event Tents   $750 $375 $65
  North Barn Caterers Kitchen *extra charge   $150 $100 $25

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