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In Remembrance

Honour a loved one with a memorial tree


A memorial tree is an incredible way to honour the passing of a loved one, while contributing to the natural beauty of the Coutts Centre.

Our Memorial Tree program is a customizable opportunity to make a lasting memory.

In consulation with our horticulturist, we will help you select the tree of your choice (avg. cost $300). We encourage you to make the day special with a picnic lunch or small ceremony.  Access to our kitchen and indoor space available at no extra cost.

*Please note that plaques or permanent sigange is not permitted.

For more information, contact us at

Potential Tree Options:

Elm Trees

  • Elm trees have been our best performing tree on the property. 
  • Elms are large shade trees.
  • Planting spots could be at the end of the path on the quilt blanket path or by the Chicken house where we need to replace a couple of Ornamental Apple trees.

Ornamental and Native Fruit Trees and Shrubs Orchard 

  • Install Native trees and shrubs where Ornamental Apple trees need to be replaced.
  • Chokecherry, Saskatoons and Pin Cherry are native plants that come to mind.

Evergreen Arboretum

  • Annually we add Pine & Spruce trees to the North end of the Garden Venue.
  • This project will only become more valuable with the passage of time much like the Evergreen memorial parks in Calgary.

Aspen Grove

  • We have started building an Aspen grove for a windbreak in our Events space but also to protect the gardens, lawns and trees from winter kill.
  • Aspen groves are native to our region. 

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